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Chile se declara en estado de rebelión

Words of rebellion

Printed book / Libro impreso


Libro que recolecta y transcribe carteles de protesta de la revuelta social chilena 2019-2020. Acontecimiento histórico que cambió el curso del país.


Viajé fuera de Chile para estudiar en el extranjero un mes antes del comienzo de la revuelta. Incluso cuando no estaba físicamente en territorio nacional, me volqué a él: mi acceso a la protesta fue través de las posibilidades de redes sociales — con Chile desbordado en el cuerpo a pesar de la distancia. Words of rebellion es un libro que cuenta una historia de narración dispersa, buscando reunir las voces gráficas que se alzaron a lo largo de las calles del país. Ni perdon ni olvido. 

AGRADECIMIENTOS especiales a Carla Motto, Marisa Niño, Alessandra Burotto, Andrea Josch, Camila Estrella, Pamela Domínguez, Paulina Correa, Valentina Montero y Martina Pedreros. Gracias por fotografiar, compartir, y mantener registro de los acontecimientos que formaron aquellos meses de lucha.


"WordsOfRebellion" is a book that delves into the tumultuous events of the Chilean Social Revolt of 2019 – 2020. It follows the day-by-day of the riot through the recollection and transcription protest signs carried by demonstrators over those months. The period was defined by both unrest and unity, violence and police repression, yet also solidarity and social empowerment. These events have left a profound impact on Chile's ongoing democratic journey, marking a before and after in its recent history.


One month before the riot began, I left Chile to travel abroad. Despite the distance, I was deeply affected by the events, torn between two worlds: physically miles away, yet emotionally entrenched in Chile's turmoil. I experienced the protests as I could. Social media became my main source of information, allowing me to follow each day closely and maintain a connection to the situation back home. The book reflects this distance, serving as my attempt to contribute during such heart-breaking times. Through the documentation gathered from social media, the book is an attempt to narrate those difficult times, presented by the written voices of the Chilean people demanding change.

"WordsOfRebellion" is written in both Spanish and English. The piece not only aims to depict the specific events that unfolded in Chile but also offers a narrative that resonates with struggles experienced in many other places around the world.

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