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Chilean artist currently based in London. MFA in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths University of London. Founder member of the electronic art collective LasElectros (Chile, 2014 - today).

Camila's interdisciplinary practice moves around installation, video, sound, objects and interactive technologies. Her work is rooted in a strong conceptual perspective that explores the convergence of technology, politics, and human experience. Her recent work focuses on the political dimensions of time, care, and sensing technologies within our contemporary society. 

Her work has been exhibited in prestigious venues and festivals, such as Outernet London (UK), the Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago (CL), Stephen Lawrence Gallery – University of Greenwich London (UK), Goldsmiths University of London (UK), Bienal de Artes Mediales Santiago (CL), South Kiosk Gallery (UK), Tsonami Festival (CL), and Museo de Bellas Artes Santiago (CL), among others. Camila has been nominated for the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology 2023, Category 3D/Interactive. Also, she has been awarded the highly competitive 2020 FONDART NACIONAL grant by Ministerio de las Culturas Chile, as well as BECAS CHILE 2019 scholarship to support her Master’s studies at Goldsmiths University. Her work has also been featured in prominent art platforms and publications, including “Artishock Revista,” “Museo de la revuelta, Tsonami,” “13 Bienal Artes Mediales,” and “Plataforma Arte y Medios.”


Camila has been invited as a speaker at Kingston University (UK), Goldsmiths University (UK), Arte Y Medios (CL), SONEC (CL), Universidad de Chile (CL), Universidad Finis Terrae (CL), Universidad Católica (CL), Universidad Diego Portales (CL), and CIMA, Centro de Investigación Musical Autónomo (CL). 


MFA Computational Arts, Goldsmiths (2019-2021)

Sound Art Postgraduate Diploma, Universidad de Chile (2016)

BA Fine Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile (2015)

BA Arts and Humanities, Universidad Católica de Chile (2013).


Founder member Las Electros (2014 - present)

Founder member CODED: School of Art and Electronics (2017 - 2018).


Longlisted for Lumen Prize for Art and Technology, category 3D/Interactive (2023)


Sysco AI Challenge, Outernet London, UK (2023)

microPolíticasDeTiempo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile (2022)

Scene from here, South Kiosk Gallery, London, UK. 

Extended Senses Symposium, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, UK (2022)

CasaX Exhibition, Chalton Gallery (current Somers Gallery), London, UK (2022)

Schemes & schema, hARTslane Gallery, London, UK (2022)

Shivers - MFA Computational Arts Degree Show, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK (2021).

Museo Sonoro de la Revuelta, Tsonami, Valaparaíso, Chile (2021)

Quimera Gardens, MA/MFA Degree/Interim Show Computational Arts Goldsmiths, UK (2020).

SurAural Festival : si lo escucho me acuerdo. Online sound festival, Bolivia (2020).

AUDIORED IV, Sónec, Chile (2020). 

Push Pop Repeat, Goldsmiths, London, UK (2020).

LUMEN VI, International Festival of Contemporary Art and New Media, Punta Arenas, Chile (2018)

3th South Biennale for Contemporary Art, Puerto Varas, Chile (2018).

13 Media Arts Biennale, Cerrillos National Center for Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile (2017).

Transvideo: Borderless Image, International Video Festival: Samples, 6th Edition. Learning Center, Aalto University, Finland. (2016)

Conquistadores de lo inútil: Happy Little trees, pretty little mountains, borderless images / Transvideo: Borderless Image, International Video Festival: Samples, 6th Edition, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico (2016)

12th International Creation and Authoring Juan Downey Contest, 12th Biennale Media Arts, National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile (2015)

 Video Art Contest, LUMEN II International Festival of Contemporary Art and New Media, Punta Arenas, Chile (2014)


2018 Cohabitar Sonoro. Sound and performance residency, Colcura, Chile.

2016 Tsonami Residency 2016; Sound Art Festival: Tsonami. Valparaiso, Chile.

2016 VORTICE, Experimental Video Residency; Valparaiso, Chile. Organized by INVE: Art Experimental Platform. Valparaiso, Chile.

2013 Residency: Fiestas, Cofradías y Desierto: Residencia La Tirana; Tarapacá, Chile. Organized by Universidad Católica de Chile


2020 FONDART NACIONAL Production and creation, Chile.

2019 CONICYT Scholarship, Becas Chile 2019.

2016 Tsonami Scholarship for Tsonami Residency. Sound Art Festival: Tsonami. Chile.

2016 FONDART NACIONAL Scholarships and Internships, Chile. Scholarship to study Degree in Sound Art at Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

2016 VORTICE Scholarship for Experimental Video Residency. INVE: Art Experimental Platform. Chile


2019 Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago, Santiago, Chile

2018 Media Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, Government of Chile, Santiago, Chile 


2022-2023 Digital Technician, School of Art, Kingston University, London, UK

2021 Assistant Technician Support for Tate Modern’s Hyundai Turbine Hall Commission 2021, Anicka Yi. London, UK. 


Guest lecturer:

Introduction to Sound Art. [Online] School of Art, Universidad Católica de Chile (2021).

Sound Art and Technology. [Online] School of Architecture, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2021).

Professor “Transdiciplinarian Theory and Contemporary Architecture”, Architecture and Design School, Universidad de las Américas, Santiago, Chile (2019).

From 2011 until 2018 she worked as a Teaching Assistant of different modules at the School of Art,  Catholic University of Chile, including: Introduction to Art and Technology, Theory and History of Art and Technology, Visual Arts Today, among others.

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