Tectonic Lingering

Sound-light interactive installation. 2021

Sound-light interactive installation. The piece is connected to real-time earthquake-data coming from different places around the world. Beams of light move in expectation of a new quake. If a tremor is detected, the whole piece lights up for a durational-time linked to the quake’s magnitude. If the audience touches the piece, it triggers sounds that tell stories about time and tremors.


Tectonic Lingering is a project that intersects an art research about time, lingering and duration; and my personal approach to earthquakes — based on my own experience while living in the trembling land of Chile. In other words, it is a reflexive work about the Earth’s tectonic activity from a temporal perspective.

The project also explores the use of computational technologies as affective systems. In an era when the Internet-of-Things seems to sense the world for us… Are we more or less connected to our environments? What does it mean to be mediated by computational devices?

Tectonic Lingering