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Stop Time

Disarmed clocks in resin. 2020.


"The work revolves around our contemporary experience of time and its profound impact on our lives and relationships. Inspired by the observation that there seems to be a diminishing sense of care and connection in our fast-paced world, where the relentless pursuit of productivity often overshadows genuine human interactions, I sought to explore the significance of time in fostering meaningful connections.

The dismantled clocks submerged in resin serve as a visual representation of my imaginative endeavor to halt the passage of time. Collecting and disarming these clocks became an act of rebellion against the societal pressures to constantly chase productivity and immediate results. By preserving these clock fragments in resin, I created a tangible manifestation of an atemporal realm—a space where I could escape the constraints of time and exist in a state of genuine presence. Within this encapsulated moment, I look at them and watch their stillness. It relaxes me. I don't need to rush up anymore. I can take my own time. "

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