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Plenty of time

Laser-engraved stone. 2023.
Digital photography on paper. 2023.

The installation Plenty of Time (2023) features a small rock engraved with the titular phrase, accompanied by a corresponding photograph. The rock is employed as a symbol of timelessness to evoke a visual narrative on the concept of time. The installation captures a profound juxtaposition between a human experience of temporality and the enduring temporal nature of the rock.


In today’s world, living under the constant pressure of time has become the new norm. Contemporary societies operate at accelerated rhythms, leaving little space for patience or contemplation; instead, the prevailing expectation is for immediate, consumable gratification. The piece challenges the illusion of controlling time, portraying the engraved rock as a talisman —or 'amuleto'— that reminds us of the possibility of choosing a different living rhythm. Through the lens of the photograph, we can observe the complex texture of the rock juxtaposed with the subtle gradients of the human hand, suggesting an interconnectedness of human experience with the timeless flow of nature. One next to the other, the artwork manifests an attempt to learn from the rock’s geological tempo, and encourages us to contemplate the possibility of embracing the passage of time.

''Camila Colussi delves into the threshold between “real” or measured time and the varied subjective perceptions and dilations that stem from inner anxieties about temporal constraints— whether it’s the desire to control time or to transcend its limitations. Camila Colussi employs the rock as a symbol of timelessness and through the repeated motif of this rock, both physically and photographically, and its connection with the title, the artwork engages in a playful tautological discourse. This repetition functions as an echo that simultaneously marks and underscores the passage of time. Moreover, it serves as an interplay between reality and representation, emphasising the subjective nature of time perception and the diverse experiences of temporality in the digital age. Ultimately, Plenty of Time becomes a meditation on the human experience of temporality. Through her art, Colussi invites us to reflect on the nature of time and its influence on our perceptions, desires, and anxieties, offering solace amidst its complexities.''



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