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Plenty of time (fossil)

Laser-engraved wood fossil. 2023.

"When I first came across this fossil, I thought it was ‘just’ a beautiful rock —a very beautiful one that reveals its eternal time through the accumulative layers visible from its surface. Then I was told that it was a petrified wood —a phenomenon that I hadn’t seen before. I had no idea that organic matter could actually turn into rock. It made me think about the complex processes of transformation in our natural world, but mostly, it made me think about time.  


The fear of getting old, the fear of not achieving success, the fear of the process, the fear of wasting time and wasting opportunities. Living in terms of profit. I often find myself in a constant state of emergency against the clock. I wish I could stop these feelings and embrace a pace where time is never wasted but lived. This fossil became a reminder of the beauty of the passage of time."

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