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Sound-Light interactive installation. 2022

microPoliticasDeTiempo is a sound-light-interactive installation that monitors real-time earthquake-data coming from different places around the world. The incoming data alters the piece’s behaviour: beams of light move around in expectation of a new quake. If a tremor is detected, the whole piece lights up for a durational-time linked to the quake’s magnitude. In addition, the work invites the public to pause, sit down and listen stories about time and tremors. Moreover, this involves an interactive tactile system: sounds are only triggered while touching the copper tape that covers the floor. It is an immersive experience that reflects on the concept of time and its relation to affection and sensing technologies in our contemporary era.

Photography by Margarita Gómez Meneses

Cápsulas MAC - Exposiciones 2022 - Entrevista con Camila Colussi sobre "Micropolíticas de tiempo"

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