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Audio-visual interactive installation. 2020


Listening time.


Listening space.


“Better times are coming” is an audiovisual interactive installation that simulates the timing of a clock. It varies in rhythm, graphics and acoustics in relation to the movement of the audience in space. Sound gets slower or faster, dry or full of reverb. The visuals mirror the exhibition space at the same time that they overlap their own image into feedbacks, delays and repetitions. Meanwhile, the sound of a female voice speculates about a time-revolution.

At the high speed of the 21th Century, we’ve lost time. Jonathan Crary in his book “24/7 Late Capitalism and the ends of sleep” identifies a non-stop culture that erases any pause, duration or waiting-time. Our experience of the world turned compressed, alienating our relation with the earth, other beings and even ourselves. This project plays with time under the idea of recovering the experience of time, not just as something that happens to us, but something that we are part of, as bodies in relation, affecting our surroundings.


Move and change time.


Move and change space.


Move and resonate with the universe.


Listen back.


Resonate together.

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