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StopTime Button

I'm desperate for a stopTime button. One that allows me to stop the rhythm of the world so I can go at my own pulse without feeling that I'm running out of time.

I feel delayed. I feel behind. I feel pressed against the clock.

Survey. I asked some friends do if they had a stopTime button, how do they imagine it, and what do they do if they had the chance of stopping time.

Silvia: I would finish my Thesis. And it would work as a bubble. I'm inside the bubble and everything outside is blurred.

Elisa: I would go on vacation.

Jo: I imagine a red button. Like an emergency button. It also would said the risks and consequences of what could happened if it is pressed.

Ximena: The button would be grey and very very small. And I would travel around the world. Sleep would be nice as well.

Sebastian: A button with a very fancy protection that needs two keys to be activated.

Bernardo: I imagine it made of gold.

Joaquin: A very simple one. Just like your key-car remote. And I would sleep until waking up without an alarm clock.

Rocio: I imagine it as a key-car remote, and I would go to forbidden places. Big houses, for example.

Marge: I imagine a handy button that you could carry everywhere and every time needed.

I imagined producing all these designs.

//Research about every theory about stopping time or travel time in movies.



Hiroshi Sugimoto - Theatres

podría ser una vitrola. O sea, un arcade.

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