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Earthquake tracking

This entrance is about earthquake tracking around the world, given by the data of different sources and applications.

When first trying to figure it out how to order and classify this information, I got overwhelmed by the amount of data. Most of these sources track tremors under 4.0 Richter, and there are a lot of them. When I started looking at this kind of apps, I began with "Earthquake network" which locates earthquakes based on human inputs. This narrows the data. Even though, I was surprised to find out that there were earthquakes everyday in different locations. Everyday is a lot. Then I download more apps, and the amount of tremors per day might at least be hundreds. Which is a lot more. It's a lot for a day of 24 hrs, for example. Which means there are tremors in different locations at the same time.

Sure! Why should I be surprised?

The Earth is shaking all the time.


The sources worked are:

Earthquake network: Earthquake alerts based on smartphones. The accelerometer on-board smartphones detects in real-time the shaking induced by an earthquake. When an earthquake is detected, an alert is sent to all the smartphones within the affected area. Manual detections can be send as well.

Earthquake alert!: Sees magnitudes 1.0+ from the U.S. and magnitude 4.5+ earthquakes from all over the World.

Earthquake alerts tracker (Terremoto): Proporciona datos sísmicos de diversas redes como U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), GeoScience Australia, GNS Science (GeoNet), Instituto Geográfico Nacional, Servicio Sismológico Nacional, British Geological Survey, GFZ GEOFON, Natural Resources Canada, NOAA.

Rastreador de terremotos.



- I'm interested in the fact that earthquakes can "change time", changing the axes of the Earth, then, its rotation time.

- I'm interested in the stop-time moment of the tremor in expectation for an earthquake. A moment of alert, to be present, of connection.

-I'm interested in the high frequency of the tremor event.


Project : light installation

- sense earthquakes around the world and translate the data into a sensitive media (light or sound)



1) how to work with API

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