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Hasta que la dignidad sea costumbre
 (Until dignity is customary)
 I've been collecting different sentences written in RRSS, on the walls of Chilean cities, and on protesting posters 
 (identified through photographic registers) showed in the recent manifestations that have taken place in Chile during the last 3 weeks (18th October 2019 until today). 
 These sentences are the voice of the Chilean demands, widely known and declared as:
 #Chile is not in war
 #Piñera, resignation
 The present work extends a PDF as a long protest, long as Chile, full of demands from North to South. Rectangles as protesting posters. 
 Over each page, one of the sentences collected.  The colour red spreads on each page for the 22 deaths, the 180 people that have lost —at least— one eye,  for the near 2.000 people hurt due to blows, shots and violence committed by the Chilean policy, and the unknown number of people disappeared. 

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