Future is now

Installation/ Site Specific

Plaster cast

variable dimensions

Art School (Campus Oriente)

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Santiago, Chile. October, 2011

In 2011, in Chile took place one of the most important student protests in its history. Months of mobilization; hunger strikes; marches with hundreds of thousands of attendees; walkouts and voluntary confinements at high schools and universities. National topic.


Organized students took the streets massively looking for a change, with a series of manifestations that impressed everyone with their creative qualities and solutions. One after another, which one more surprising than the last. Many of them —such as the 1800 hours running around the Presidential Palace, day by day with no stop— seemed an irrational and unworkable aim. But these students made clear that with hard work, determination and organization; impossible was possible. No one could say the opposite, they were teaching about conviction and force of struggle.

All this revolutionary context happened in my first year at the Art School. Walkout and an unprecedented voluntary confinement in the history of this Catholic University. But time and weariness appeared to be the weapon used against us. Almost a month, and our Faculty was no longer able to sustain itself. By the other hand, neither our peers from other universities —with much more intense and prolonged fight than ours— could not contain the fall.


Return to classes makes us wonder if these months of struggle meant something.


This installation at the front of the university was about a discomfort feeling. How do we see our faces at this return? How can we approach what just happened? And so, what about this recent past, which seems to scape —or not— far of a new present in the classroom. 


Taking place in a rarefied daily.


Finally, each decided to take a hand of plaster for himself, as an individual memory of a market society; until gradually these cuffs disappeared.