Untitled I (The Dancer Serie), 2014. Video, mono, 1'29''. **

Untitled II (The Dancer Serie), 2014. Digital Photography.

Untitled III (The Dancer Serie), 2016. Video, mono, 2'42''. 

The Dancer is an audiovisual project that begins as an exercise about memory, but understanding memory as a fiction in which our mind needs to construct reality to get some sense. Going back and forth between fragments of what we think we see, what we believe we have seen, what we believe as a memory. This is taken and posted in relation with the spine-tingling experience described by Roland Barthes in Camera Lucida, as a charged experience of personal histories that carries subjective meanings to everything we see. "Life consists of these little touches of solitude" is a fragment of Barthes’s writing, that I take to talk about memory as a moment that turns us to ourselves.



Untitled I (from "The Dancer" series) is a video recording of the swing of a swing. The image is divided into two frames that show the same action from different points of view at the same time. So the axis of the swing is offscreen. The movement between the images is not continuous, there is a mismatching, challenging the gestalt to an attempt of synchronicity. 


Untitled III (from "The Dancer" series) is a video recording of the swing of a swing, but in this occasion the camera has been placed under the seat, getting a black and white contrast between the cut of sky (white) and the shadow of the seat (black). In this angle, the image obtained has an irregular rhythm, and the monotonous swing on an axis is revealed as a multiplicity of possibilities. 

The sound composition was created specifically for this artwork by digital synthesis in PureData. As an attempt to get a state of contemplation and dizziness, the sound was made with repetitive patterns in a combination of MIDI interfase, subtractive synthesis and digital pure waves. Audio and image conform a seemingly abstract proposal that stands as a perceptual provocation and where fragments are finally a story construct.